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Creating a NO-REPLY email address on exchange 2010

September 25, 2012 13 comments

Last week we got a call to create a NO-REPLY email address for our administration department. They want to send information to students and parents but not with their own email address. They do not need to receive replies. Its one-way information.

Lets get started on how we got this to work. Start ADUC and choose to create a new user:

Open your exchange Management Console and create a new mailbox

Select the NO-REPLY user we’ve just created.

Make sure you check if the NO-REPLY email address is correct.

Close these settings and open ADUC to create a new security group

Make sure you add all users to this group that need to send email AS NO-REPLY@……..

Open the properties of the NO-REPLY user and choose the security tab

Now add the NO-REPLY Email Users group

Make sure you select the SEND AS property to ALLOW

Select OK and wait. It can take up to TWO hours to make this work (due to exchange caching)

Lets finish off by creating a transport rule. This results in creating a return message to users that send email to NO-REPLY@…..

Open up your exchange Management Console and point to transport rules – create transport rule

Choose SEND TO PEOPLE and enter NO-REPLY@…..

Actions : Send rejection message to sender with enhanced status code

Enter a suiting return message and choose code 5.7.1

Now your done. Start outlook (with a user account that is member of the NO-REPLY Email Users group) and create a new mail and change the FROM button to NO-REPLY@……..and TEST, TEST, TEST

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