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Allowing Alvira Epoint 5100 cash dispenser traffic through TMG

October 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Recently our students got cash cards with a Mifare chip to use with our Follow you printing system. Out students need to pay for their printing behavior so we decided to buy a couple of Alvira Epoint 5100 cash dispensers.

Lets get this to work behing a TMG firewall. These settings are used for dutch transactions (Equens). First create custom ports in the TMG:

Port 2601 TCP outbound and Port 54095 TCP outbound

Then create one computer set or 3 computers:

Equens1 IP :

Equens2 IP :

Equens3 IP :

Finish off with creating a firewall rule that allows these 2 protocols from the cash dispensers to the computer(set) with ALL USERS. Test it and you done.

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