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Creating a custom Forefront TMG 2010 OWA FBA logon page

October 22, 2010 30 comments

Today I looked for a solution to edit the default OWA logon page. In our company we use a Form Based Authentication that is configured on a Forefront TMG 2010 server. Currently we are running an Exchange 2003 SP2 Frontend server. The OWA logon page looks like this by default:


There is a way to configure this to our liking. Kay Sellenrode of made an FBAeditor to configure this in an easy way. This tool does not have a way to change the color of the logon button and explanation text so at the end of this post i show you how to change that as well. So lets create some fancy company OWA logon screens.

FBAeditor – can be found here (
Company logo 115 x 456 pixels in GIF format
Company logo 115 x 500 pixels in GIF format


  • First make a backup of C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway\Templates\CookieAuthTemplates\ with all sub directories
  • Run FBAeditor on the TMG server and browse to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway\Templates\CookieAuthTemplates\Exchange\HTML\ (click on Source Dir)

  •  Now change the page you want to edit to : usr_pwd.htm (1.)
  • Picture name : lgntopl.gif (2.)
  • Text Language : select your country (3.)
  • Select your new company logo (4.)
  • Select apply to all pages and click apply. (5.) Now all htm files will be changed with the new company logo.
  • By pressing Preview Page you can take a look on how its going to be. (6.)

  • Many organizations don’t have 2 or more domains so we can change the domain\username text to Username
  • Now change the page you want to edit to : usr_pwd.htm (1.)
  • Select username (2.)
  • Change the text from domain\username to Username  (3.)
  • Confirm the change by clicking Change Text (4.)

  • When you are clicking on Preview Page you will see that the button and the explanation text has a color that does not match with the rest of the logon page. There is not a way that you can change this via the FBAeditor tool. We can achieve this by editing a file manually.

  • Start notepad and browse to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway\Templates\CookieAuthTemplates\Exchange\HTML\logon_style.ccs
  • When looking through the file you’ll see a section that has entries like #eb9c12 and #f9b133. These are the colors used by the logon button.

  • You can change this by entering your own required color. You can find the color codes here
  • To change the explanation text you must look for the entries #ff6c00

  • You can change this by entering your own required color. You can find the color codes here
  • Also it is possible to change the Internet Explorer tab name by starting the FBAeditor en change the OWAWindowTitle text box to your liking
  • If required you can change the ISA html files as well they can be found here C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway\Templates\CookieAuthTemplates\ISA\HTML\
  • If all went well you have a fancy FBA logon page like this :

  • Note: I found out that the Forefront TMG caches these pages somehow so I had to reboot the server to get the new pages active. -> Arturo pointed out that you only need to start the firewall service to reflect these changes.
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